This page is dedicated to providing UAS professionals and enthusiasts information to assist in the collective effort to integrate unmanned systems safely and effectively.


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UAS Registration and FAA Procedures

FAA UAS Registration

Please go to the FAA UAS Registration link to determine if you need to register yourself as a UAS operator. You will be assigned a UAS Certificate Number that you'll have to put on the aircraft you operate.

FAA Section 333 Exemption Request Template

To petition for an Exemption under section 333 to register your business and aircraft with the FAA, use this template then send the final revision to the FAA using this link: 333 submittal. You will then be assigned a docket number. The process description can be found here: 333 process. Allow up to 90 days to receive a final determination.

FAA Amendment to 333 Exemption Template

To amend your approved 333 exemption (add another aircraft), access your docket using your docket ID (assigned to you when your 333 exemption was approved) on, click on "Comment Now!" next to your exemption application, then submit the signed amendment application (preferably in PDF format). You will be assigned a comment tracking number verifying your application. Expect up to 90 days for your 333 exemption to finalize with the FAA, and another 90 days each time you submit an amendment.  Good luck!

AOPA Best Practices for Flying your Drone within Five Miles of an Airport

Although we do not recommend flying within five miles of an airport, you may come across a circumstance where it is absolutely necessary. AOPA has provided a list of "Best Practices for Flying your Drone within Five Miles of an Airport"

Know Before You Fly

As an official supporter of Know Before You Fly, we at Straight Up imaging take Flight Safety very seriously.