Introducing the Endurance

Our signature aircraft - the Endurance - is a representation of our belief that unmanned aircraft are professional tools first and foremost. Tested in NASA's wind tunnels, the Endurance's frame is aerodynamic, lightweight, and durable. Its power system is crafted from quality components and delivers impressive performance and efficiency. The advanced autopilot makes both manual and autonomous flying a breeze and provides robust safety features. Finally, the universal payload rail accomodates multiple sensor packages for a variety of missions.

Dynamic missions demand customizable aircraft.

Choose the package that fits your application, then contact us at for a price quote.

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Color Options

Life isn't just black and white. Your aircraft doesn't have to be either.

Payload Options

Optimize your aircraft for the mission at hand. Sensors currently integrated to provide a plug-and-play capability include high-resolution zoom cameras, thermal, NDVI, radiation survey meter, and a methane sensor. The Endurance is capable of carrying unique payloads and are customized for the mission.


Surveyor Package

The Surveyor Package includes a Sony QX1 imaging sensor on a vibration-dampened mount. Select a near-infrared filter if your intended application is crop health surveying using NDVI imagery. Select a conventional filter if your missions involve mapping, surveying, and general purpose aerial imagery.

Imaging Package

The Imaging Package includes a GoPro Hero 4 Black camera mounted to a three-axis stabilized gimbal. An included full-motion downlink provides real time video to the flight control tablet or other nearby smart devices. This package excels at three-dimensional scanning of buildings for real estate applications, but also can be used to provide smooth, high-quality aerial pictures and video.

First Responder Package

The First Responder Package is among the first professional-quality thermal imaging solutions to enter the commercial unmanned aircraft maket. A FLIR Vue Pro sensor on a three-axis gimbal with a full-motion downlink provides real-time and recorded infrared imagery by day or night. This package is designed to assist fire services, paramedics, police officers and emergency medical technicians. It can also be used for security, infrastructure inspections, and wildlife monitoring.

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Genuine Go Professional Cases

Professional quality carrying cases provide excellent protection for flight equipment.


Reliable Hitec Electronics

Industry-leading avionics provide enhanced reliability & performance.


We'll make sure you've got everything you need.

Every Endurance System Includes: 

  • Baseline Endurance aircraft
  • Selected payload package
  • Radio transmitter & smart tablet with case and screen protector
  • Wireless telemetry tranceivers
  • 3 flight batteries
  • Dual battery charger, checker, & LiPo guard bag
  • Your choice of a professional case or tactical backpack including custom-cut foam inserts for the entire system
  • Optional hardened case to protect the backpack during shipping & transport
  • Manuals, checklists, & documentation
  • Limited warranty, unlimited support.  We'll stand by our product and our customers



Custom and Leased Endurance systems

If your project requires a customized aerial system or if you would like to lease an Endurance package, please drop us a line at Our engineers and consultants will be more than happy to walk through the specifics of your project with you.