Maximum Gross Weight: 7.5lb
Typical Takeoff Weight: 6.6lb with standard battery and EO/IR payload
Air Vehicle Size: 31in x 31in x 9in (bounding box including outstretched propellers)
Maximum Payload Weight: 2lb (observed with some performance limitations), 1.5lb with no limitations
Max Temp:120F (engineering assessment)
Min Temp: 0F (engineering assessment)
Max Winds: 15kts sustained, 25kts gust (observed)
Ceiling Density Altitude: 10k ft (engineering assessment). Adequate performance at 9k ft observed
Max Climb: 1000fpm (observed, artificially governed)
Max Descent: 600fpm (observed, artificially governed)
Max Turn: 200deg/s
Max Airspeed: 48kts (observed)
Min Airspeed: 0kts
Maximum Radio Range: 5mi for Picoradio variant, 10mi for RFD900x variant (engineering assessment)
Maximum Flight Endurance: 40min (observed, with 1lb payload)


Endurance UAS utilize a modular payload mounting system with hot-swap capabilities. All Endurance payloads contain an SUI-proprietary payload computer and hardware/software interface, though custom payloads can generally be accommodated upon request. Current payload offerings are as follows:
• Sony UMC-R10C on fixed, downward facing mount
• Sony UMC-R10C on 3-axis stabilized gimbal with digital HD video downlink
• Sony QX30u on 3-axis stabilized gimbal with 30x optical zoom and digital HD video downlink
• FLIR Vue Pro on 3-axis stabilized gimbal with digital video downlink