We create professional unmanned aircraft systems and modular payloads for a variety of commercial applications. 


Optimize Geographic Surveys


With our Surveyor package, create detailed maps with a swipe of your finger. Choose between a conventional sensor for orthophoto mapping or an NDVI filter for crop health assessment. Our unique mission management technology automatically georeferences each image for easy processing by your mapping software of choice. 

Revolutionize Aerial Imagery

Our Imaging package elevates aerial photography and videography to the next level. Capture crisp imagery, smooth video, and photorealistic three-dimensional scans of buildings and structures with remarkable ease and stunning detail. 

Enhance Situational Awareness


Using an industry leading FLIR thermal imager, our First Responder package allows you to see the unseen. Inspect sensitive equipment, perform search and rescue, and assess fires and other emergency situations remotely by day or night.